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Reiki Breathing Sessions

“Reiki produces good health, happiness and security.”             -Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki Grand Master  

Want unconditional love in your life?

Want to improve your physical well-being?

Want to truly nurture yourself?

We invite you to experience the powerfully transformative healing effects of both Reiki and Conscious Connected Breathing in a relaxing safe group environment.

Certified Conscious Connected Breathing Practitioner, Janine Barris and Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Siri Thornton combine these two powerful healing modalities in a group healing session.  The combination of breathing and Reiki provide a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual release and balancing for the whole person to receive what they are needing at this moment in life.  Similar to a contagious yawn, your body allows itself to quickly release energetic blockages as others do.  As classmates release unneeded energies, so do you.

Reiki is a system of hands-on energy healing, treating  body, mind and spirit, not just manifest symptoms. It is a non-intrusive, non-manipulative  and self-empowering process that balances your energies, allowing your body’s intuitive wisdom to heal oneself.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a simple yet powerful breathing process which clears emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages. The breath-work creates a connection between the conscious and subconscious minds; and through this connection, stress is released from the body and mind.

The session will continue to have healing benefits for at least 3 days after the session is over.

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Group sessions are held at various locations.

Please contact Big City Reiki to request setting one up for you and your friends.

Cost: $50 per person

If you organize a group in your space with four or more people, your portion is free!

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