First Degree Reiki


Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It is the energy that permeates life and is channeled through a Reiki practitioner into the receiving client's body. The client's cell's pull in as much Universal Life Energy as it needs in each energy center. Once the body is in a sate of homeostasis, it can heal itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to the best of it's ability. We all have the ability to heal. We just need the simple tools, the attunements, which you receive in class by a Reiki Master and the intention to heal. 


First Degree Reiki deals mostly with healing and balancing oneself. We must do this before we can help others. One also learns how to do what's called a "chair treatment" which is a 15 minute small demonstration of Reiki on others. One learns how to do Reiki on food, animals and anything in one's environment. It is a very simple and completely natural system of energy healing. It is hands-on, non- manipulative and non-invasive but extremely powerful and practical. It is a precise method of healing and is widely used in hospitals, on cancer patients, pregnant women, children, and anyone maintaing their health for a balanced life. It is the gift of Unconditional Love and never stops giving. Once you are attuned to this vibration of energy, you are attuned for life! Come enjoy this very important next step in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. 


$425 for the two days of class and certificate. $100 off for each friend you bring. 


Second Degree Reiki


Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki Certification taken at least three months prior to this class.


Want to help others heal themselves and continue to deepen your healing process?


In this Second Degree Reiki Certification class you will receive 4 attunements that will raise and focus your vibration of energy allowing you to practice full table treatments on others. You will learn the sacred Reiki symbols and their mantras, how to do long distance Reiki on people as well as situations. You will learn how to have a Reiki practice for others.


Siri is a Master of Masters, meaning she can teach you how to become a Reiki Master! She's been practicing professionally for over a decade and been teaching for half that with her Mom who is also a Master. She finds deep joy in connecting people to Universal Life Energy and allowing them to have joy in their body, mind and life.

At the end of this two-day workshop, you will receive a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner Certificate and be able to start your own practice.


You must attend both days from beginning to end. Your journey begins the moment you book your space.


First Degree Reiki

$425 for the two-day class and certificate.

Second Degree Reiki

$450 for two-day class and certificate 

Master Class $1200


 $100 off for each friend you bring.